World Languages 360 and Extempore Announce a New Grant Program for the Academic Year 2024-2025

We are pleased to announce a collaboration between World Languages 360 ( and Extempore ( through which up to 5 grants will be made available for the 2024-2025 academic year. Successful applications will seek to make significant use of Extempore’s capabilities for world language teaching and learning. Support will include free licenses of Extempore for the grantees and their learners, as well as honoraria for the applicants. Additional resources are available for materials and travel to conferences or professional association meetings as a presenter about the awarded project.

What Do Grantees Receive?

  • Extempore will provide free licenses to the grantees and their learners for the duration of the project.
  • The maximum total grant award amount per project is $3,000 (exclusive of the value of Extempore licenses).
  • Honoraria are awarded up to $500 for the year 2024 and another $500 for the year 2025 (with a maximum of 2 people per grant, so a total of $2,000 per award).
  • Travel is reimbursable with receipts and includes hotel, transportation, registration, and meals when presenting at a conference or professional meetings about the project (presentation must take place within a year of the end of the grant period). These expenses are capped at 50% of the total award (up to $1,500).
  • Materials for acquiring or creating resources for learners to use while participating in the project are supported.

Where can I find more information about the requirements, application deadlines, and ideas for project topics?

  • Contact us via this form indicating your interest and a potential idea for a project. Tell us how you and your learners would use Extempore in a new and innovative manner. This will allow us to ascertain your idea’s potential fit with our program. We will reply quickly, either with full details and an invitation to apply, or with a request for additional information.