World Languages 360 Redirects Its Mission Due to COVID-19

Until the recent pandemic, World Languages 360 focused its efforts on the intersection of language proficiency and opportunities for learners via real-world experiences. We have supported learners, educators, and organizations at the confluence of these opportunities, via our areas of focus on Networking, Scholarship, Education, and Workplace.

But that was then, and this is now. With so many of our partners and potential clients in relative isolation, learners aren’t focused on getting outside of the classroom—they’re focused on when they’ll make it back to the classroom and how they will continue their education at a distance. Organizations aren’t looking to provide opportunities for interns, part-time student employees, or new hires—they’re focused on keeping the doors open or when they’ll be able to reopen them. Educators, however, are fully aware that “remote instruction” is not the same as robust, quality-replete online education—they’re focused on what programs and courses may need to be offered online in the summer and perhaps into the fall and beyond. They’re likely aware that learners will come to expect a robust educational experience from their online studies, and a series of canned presentations and online quizzes alone are not going to cut the mustard.

Because of the potential tsunami of expectation regarding teaching and learning online, we at World Languages 360 have decided to focus our efforts for the foreseeable future on supporting educators in their efforts to create robust and academically high-quality courses and, if necessary, entire programs online. Our President and CEO has a deep background and years of experience in this area, and will lead the effort to provide consulting and guidance to world languages educators with a substantive interest in using technologies and online solutions to design outstanding language programs and courses for their learners. We invite you to reach out to us via our contact form if we can be of assistance, and we’ll either provide support directly or steer you in the direction of colleagues and organizations who can.

Please stay safe. And, thank you for your stalwart dedication to your learners in this unusual time.